GGlobeO, the new web tool

GGlobeO, the new web tool

GGlobeO is revealed to the world with the best advantages and that through thinking in combining your aptitude of acquiring knowledge with your disposition of maintaining social relations to hold all the necessary quality for build a solid and a well-educated community.

GGlobeO the Forum:

A space which is conceived to share information by asking questions related to any theme; you can select it or create it if it doesn’t exist, the users of GGlobeO will answer you and you will be conversant with each response of your questions thanks to notifications.

GGlobeO the Social Network:

A network which is destined for the people who seek to procure knowledge and unite them so as to enlarge the social and cultural organism:
• Contact the other users and share your personal opinions thanks to the message board.
• Publish writings or images to show your expressions and ambitions to the whole world.
• Subscribe to blogs or people’s account and enlarge your social and cultural environment.
• Express your point of view and opinions on commenting and liking publications to show your interests and attachment.

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